Good Morning beautiful people. It is 4:45am and I am up and about in the house. Breakfast to make, baby stuff to prep, cleaning up to do, research to read, investments to make, baby to feed, blog to build, laundry to do, dinner to cook, you know, the usual. I am very excited this morning and enjoying my quiet time. I find that this is the time that is most productive for me. My brain is clear with the help of some NESCAFE and I am ready for whatever comes my way but first, I must take time out to pray. Dear Lord, I pray that all will have a good day. I pray for the hungry, homeless, motherless, fatherless, loveless, hopeless, sick in mind and body. I pray for the plants and I pray for the trees. I believe dear God that it is only through your everlasting mercy that we survive.

Now back to the work at hand. I am excited to plan for this year’s vacations. I have gone online and researched vacations. I thought I would surely take a trip to Jamaica this year to introduce my wonderful children to coconut water in person. You know, the real coconut water that one gets directly from the plant. After looking at the prices which average at $880 to about $1200 and multiplying that times four. I realize that (a) I am going to have to bite the bullet and pay for the tickets, or (b) settle for some bottles of coconut water and opt for another destination instead. My frugal tendencies scream at the injustices of life. I will not give up on my coconut water and Jackfruit dreams just yet. There has got to be a way. In the meantime, I have been exploring different vacations and adventures such as vacationing in a National Park, Europe, Africa, Northeastern USA such as Maine or Vermont, and last but not least, the beautiful country that is Canada. I must say I visited Canada and have taken quite the like to the warm and friendly people there. It’s such a different but similar culture. I really had no idea how vast and exciting Canada is. I know of popular cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Quebec but I have now been made aware of some isolated spots that are just breathtaking online. One such spot is Newfoundland and Labrador and I am determined to visit them, if I can just get my startup money together and convince someone to go with me. I must budget harder. One cannot simply just up and travel without money, unless of course one is extremely rich or financially able. Neither of which I qualify. Couponing it is then 🙂




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