• Write everything down. Have written documentation of your plans or goals. I recently bought and loved these pop ups that you will notice that show up throughout my pictures and posts. They are beautiful so they double as art 🙂 yes I bought the cat as well.
• Write the priority of your plans from most important to least important. If you have ever had arthritis or difficulty writing. You know that pens matter. I use these pens.
• Create a deadline. Put a do by date. Its important to set a limit on the time you have to complete a task. We        extend tasks based on the time we have to complete it.
• Do one task at a time.
• Put everything back in its rightful place.
• Clean up your space regularly.
• Declutter your space. This is different than a simple clean. Decluttering your space allows you to free up mind space as well.
• Break big tasks down into little tasks
• Delegate tasks. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
• Mind sweep and relax your mind. Meditation, deep breathing and prayer are great ways to clear the mind.
• Boldly claim your right to your own time and primacies. Do not allow others to rob you of this. These are time abusers. I will discuss that in another post.

I love these post-it pop ups so much I keep them on my desk, in my kitchen and in my living room. As a busy parent its easy to forget things. With these I can quickly jot down ideas, deadlines, or just phone numbers when I am chasing behind my active toddler or am otherwise occupied. Remember that most tasks are doable with a little organization.

I know, I know what you’re thinking. I  said I kept it simple. I do! also mostly keep it cheap. My savings and method of allocating funds allow me to spend on items I really like and find value in. There is nothing like a good and reliable timepiece such as the one below 🙂 Yes I wear men’s watches to keep track of time,



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