My Pre-Birth Stash
I had my littlest one about 12 months ago. After reading and researching on diapers, I estimated that a pack of disposable diapers range about 16 cents to 37 cents a diaper. I decided to use 26 cents a diaper for my personal diaper estimates. I drove my poor hubby crazy planning for the baby. Neither of us were very experienced in diaper planning and were overwhelmed by all the choices out there. Cloth vs disposable. What type of cloth what brand of disposable? What would more practical, user friendly, better for environment and better for our wallet.

I decided to buy cloth diapers but stacked up on disposables when they became available on sale. Yes I did both. I knew that I would have to go back to work and did not want to commit to one. Thus losing whats left of my sanity trying to keep up with my ideal, my ideal being cloth diapering mama. I consider cloth to be a better for my baby, wallet and environment. That being said here is my breakdown.


Size 1-840
Size 2-528
Size 3-400
Size 4-473
Size 5-314
Size 6– 108

I also ended up buying another 1100 size 4 diapers. All with store points and coupons of course. This added up to very little out of pocket cost 🙂


30 bum genius diapers.
6 Alva AIO (all in one)
12 newborn G diapers
24 ozo cozy organic cotton prefolds and 3 covers

These were all bought on sale not full price. I added a few more cloth diapers because I was over preparing and wanted to make sure we would never need a midnight run to the store. If we were to have another child we could simply use the diapers we have now and save on costs. That’s an additional pro of cloth diapers. My baby is currently in size 4 disposables. I have never had to make a store run in the middle of the night for her. I wish I knew this when I birthed my first child many moons ago. When I’m at work I place my baby in disposables to make things easier for whosoever is her cargiver. In my ideal world I would keep my baby in prefolds, covers or AIOs all day. In reality!!! As a working mom, working in a demanding profession and living in NYC with no access to washing and dryer at home having both options make me feel flexible and in charge. Did I ever tell you about the time I tried to do an old fashioned clothes line? ah, maybe next time.

I tried not to pay more than $10 per bum genius. So I took advantage of great sales. You can cloth diaper for alot cheaper but I wanted these types of diapers as a personal choice.

For disposable diapers, I used coupons and generally was able to get them for free half the time, $3-$5 dollars a pack on “bad” days. I literally had no idea diapers were so expensive! Talk about budget buster! Am I the only one wondering how people can afford to diaper their children? What happened to the price of disposables in the last 20 yrs? My babies are only 20 years apart!

Have a budget for your diapering and stick to it. Look for sales. Use store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons to help lower your out of pocket (OOP) costs. Also use your store rewards. If you would like me to break down an example of how I bought my diapers let me know.


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