You don’t have to be a financial guru or genius to think about your finances. After all, who better to think about your finances than you? Even if you seek the help of a professional, you should be actively involved in knowing where you stand financially. Just a few years back I started to look at my finances. I mean really take a look into my financial health and realized that I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I took a step back, smiled and decided to become a more informed consumer.

While I am by no means a financial genius, I now have a healthy appreciation for my finances. I learned a few little things here and there about money and the way it works. I no longer sit passively waiting on others to fix my financial health. I got myself on a budget, and I also cleared up any and all debt I had. I am a big fan of “each one teach one” so, as I learn more, I am always more than willing to share my journey with others.