I’ve been sitting here trying to think of a few ways that I stay motivated. You know the things that get me started on getting things done. So, I’m sitting at my desk, I’m scouring my brain and scouring the internet in search of some motivational tips to share. I even go so far as to survey random strangers inquiring about their motivational habits. After careful research here at the smile team 😊 I realize that its best if I simply share my own thought processes on finding motivation. Please let me know if they help you next time you are in a productivity ditch.

Try to envision your rai·son d’ê·tre, your purpose or your reason to be. For me that would be my two beautiful children.  I have two lovely girls that are aged 21 and 2 years old respectively.  Other reasons to be would be my partner, mother, friends and family. I absolutely adore them all but if I were to be truthful about what gets me out of bed on bad days, what keeps me going and smiling, it would be my girls.

There is something pure and innocent about the love of a child. Those bonds make me feel grateful; the ability to be able to help shape another’s future. To help them grow into the beautiful human being that they were meant to be motivates me. I truly feel this is a part of doing God’s work. I feel that all children, whether by birth or not, are a blessing. Any adult that has had the honor to teach and care for children will grow and be blessed as a result. It is also a test and a testimony. Yes, I get especially tested when my two-year-old won’t go to bed and its late at night, or when my twenty-one-year-old decides to be a brat. No one said such blessings would be easy. I’m also relatively sure my parents and caregivers have felt the same way while I was growing up.

Another source of motivation comes as a direct result of finding and listening to individual success stories. Not only do I actively seek out and listen to such persons and their stories, I also try and glean from, grow from and add them to my mind bank. Just in case I ever need to draw from their experiences in helping me decide a matter. No matter how small the success story, I use it as a form of motivation. I know that if it can be done once, it can be done again. These success stories are not necessarily financial success stories. They’re not ways to compare myself to others but serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. I want to find and nurture my best self.  You will never be able to find or nurture yourself if you compare your accomplishments to the accomplishments of others.

This constant state of growth and improvement also helps me to stay motivated every day and helps recharge my batteries.  Every day I hope to become a better, more complete being. I strive to be a better professional, a better mother, a better friend (I can work on that as I don’t call my friends enough, but I love them). This does not always translate well in real life (I’m working on that). Nevertheless, within my core I am aware that the people within my circle are sources of motivation. As a result, I am careful of those that I allow into my space.

I sometimes also look outside of my circle towards naysayers and adversaries as sources of motivation.  It sounds crazy but in my opinion, they provide me an unfiltered look at the negatives within me. Trust me when I say, naysayers will always find a way to point out your negatives, while negating anything positive you have ever done or tried to do. Upon reflection, I may be able to improve something within me. It also provides me with an opportunity to prove them wrong. The human level of pettiness I sometimes experience makes me want to be greater. Adversaries also drive my curiosity. Leaving me to ponder what could possibly cause someone to hate or hate on someone with little or no cause. Some adversaries and naysayers will even hate you without knowing or meeting you. Don’t be troubled. Use this to improve yourself. Think of the hate as a glass half full and try to see the positives.

This may be a teachable moment. Not only can you teach this person to act and be better, but that person can teach you what not to be. How not to hate yourself so much that you start to project that self-hate to others. I told you they’re motivation.

Another motivating aspect of my life is my mistakes. Everything is for a reason. It’s not a complete mistake if you have learned and grown as a result. Utilize these moments to enlighten your path. If one doesn’t learn from one’s mistakes, one is bound to keep repeating them. Mistakes motivate me to find a better way.

My path to a deeper relationship with God also serves as a rai·son d’ê·tre. As a sinner, that’s truthfully speaking I sin a great deal… and I do mean A LOT! I’m not admitting this proudly, only admitting what is inherently true. I also remind myself that without sinners, we would be unable to spot saints. We would literally have nothing with which to compare.

Searching for motivation and illumination has led me to see my imperfections as an enhancement tool. It also serves as my own personal testimony in how far I have ascended. It makes me wonder how much further that ascension can take place in this quest to be Godlier. It kind of makes that testimony more epic, more believable, more relatable when I share it.  This testimony to my community, my children, my loved ones and the world will be like no other. I am extremely motivated by my spiritual growth.

Pleasure is not the only motivating factor in the world. Pain can be a great source of motivation. Both physical and emotional. If you get electrocuted by an outlet are you going to put your finger back there? No! You are motivated to avoid such pain in the future. I dislike stiff joints, so I’m motivated to start stretching in the mornings. I don’t want to be ill, so I have made certain lifestyle changes. Many people are in much more challenging situations than I find myself in, still they manage to do their exercises, so I have no excuses. Many people are ill but are always smiling, again motivation. Unbeknownst to them they provide me an endless source of motivation. No pity here, I feel empathy, not pity. I feel empowered witnessing their capabilities and can-do attitude. I feel a sense of pride watching them but mostly I just feel motivated. I usually keep such feelings to myself however, lest anyone thinks I’m creepy😊 I am constantly in awe of their ability to smile, to thrive, despite their circumstances. It gets me moving.


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