Let’s talk about food. Food may very well be my favorite subject. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid foodie. I love all types of food. This includes but is not limited to Italian, Irish, Jamaican, Russian, Asian, Middle Eastern and African food. My love of food leans towards the spicier kind but I am not averse to food with more subtle flavors. I consider this to be one of the great benefits to my current residence. NYC allows me to experience all different cultures.  Like I tell my friends and family. I love to experience different cultures through their food.

Food is a huge part of one’s culture and I, my dears, intend to experience it all. This is a sacrifice I am willing to make to share my humble life experiences with you all 🙂 There are always festivals and events involving food in and around NYC but one of my favorite things to do and works well for my wallet is to go buy from mom and pop stores, which offer a different kinds of cooking. One of my favorite foodie experiences, one which my eldest daughter loves, is a wonderful little Russian grocery store on avenue N. Now I must say when I first walked in, I was nervous, being of a different color and culture walking into a mostly Russian store with a biracial child and a child of color in my arms but the reception I received was very good. It has now become one of my family’s favorite little weekend treats. My eldest loves the crepes, hubby loves the sweet rolls and I love the everything in it cake which has cream cheese, nuts, chocolate and is very very rich in texture. Everyone in my household loves the Russian pear drink, which reminds me a lot of Peardrax, which many Caribbean people are familiar with.

This is not to say I never enjoy an expensive meal. I can and I do, when I want to. That is one of the joys of budgeting. I get to spend my money where and when I want. But I am not about to blow hard earned cash just to experience all the things I would like for me and my family to explore. Oh my goodness! I love food! Food nourishes your body. It can improve your health, your life and I honestly believe your choices of what you put into your body can help heal your soul. Go ahead enjoy a plate.


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