How do you feel after you looked into the mirror today? All these representations on TV and magazine ads of “picture perfect” individuals with perfect hair, skin, abs, chest, feet, lips, eyes, clothes can make people question how they look and how they are supposed to look. What if I told you are perfect just the way God made you? The way you were made was exactly as he intended you to be. Body image can be distorted by the way we feel, our experiences in life, the images we see and so much more. However, we can choose to smile and see the beauty that lives within us all and to celebrate our different ways of being, of looking, of existing. I find that we simple humans, myself included can be way too hard on ourselves.

I have made a habit in the last few years of reassuring myself daily that I am beautiful because my heart and insides are beautiful. NOT perfect but beautiful, just like the leaves both green and brown, old and new are beautiful, so must we find beauty within ourselves.

Living in what is considered one of the most fashionable cities in the world. I am privy to a lot of people who feed into what they see. As a result, I have decided that I will not bow to the pressures heaped onto me by society. I put some makeup on when it’s time to go to work and try to dress appropriately. That’s all they get from me.  This is not a moral high ground and I have no desire to. Simply put my patience is lacking and I don’t have the fortitude to be “perfect”. With so many in our society literally dying to be perfect, I have decided to just be “pretty” whenever I feel like it 🙂 On the days I don’t feel so pretty, I smile anyway. I wouldn’t want the “picture perfect” police to get me.


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