Entertainment & Family related things I do to save my sanity and BUDGET.


  1. I buy a yearly empire passport pass.
  2. I buy a museum membership most years.
  3. I use my bank of America card for free weekends and look at free or low-cost entries to museums when I don’t.
  4. I pack lunch when we travel, be it to the park, museum or the festivals. I don’t pack every time 🙂
  5. I use a yearly amazon prime membership which I purchase to watch movies or steam movies, I also get free delivery with everything I buy from them.
  6. I have CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid memberships. I am not afraid to use them either.
  7. I sometimes buy Costco yearly memberships, lately not so much.
  8. I buy cash because cash is king.
  9. I started using credit cards. I still think credit cards are the devil but decided to open some recently to start building the groundwork for a few plans I have. I pay them cash every few days after all purchases. No excuses. If I can’t afford it cash, I don’t buy it with a card. I now earn a few dollars extra every month for paying the bills.
  10. I give myself a break and don’t beat myself up when everyone in my house is tired of hearing about budgets. I occasionally buy take out, pizza, dinner or an experience.
  11. I spend time alone. By this I mean that I wake up very early to clean, read, write, cook, pray or just be still. Whatever it is that floats my boat in that moment. This may mean I may have to part with an extra hour or two of sleep. Alone time is always needed by me.
  12. I try to think of ways to make everyone in my household happy and active, mentally and physically.
  13. I try to make healthier lifestyle options when choosing family activities. We have been making more and more trips outdoors.
  14. I have become a big fan of sticky notes and all things that I can jot down important thoughts on.
  15. I spend my free time learning how to monetize my time. What can I say? That’s my hobby.


What are your choices for entertainment and family that help you keep your sanity?








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    1. I use wordpress. I just came back from NC. I shouldve stopped by but I just saw this msg. Maybe next time. Had a blast, plna to go back soon. Best of luck, hope this helps with your security issues.

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