Wow! Do I give the truthful answer or the politically correct answer? I will offer a mix of both. During the course of my studies in my current profession (which shall remain nameless), I noticed that quite a few people were having illnesses that I didn’t see growing up. I also learned that certain illnesses and cancers are lifestyle related. I began to think to myself that while I can’t stop illness or cancer, I could limit my exposure to certain toxic substances.

You see the truth is, I became very ill when I immigrated to the United States from my beautiful tropical island. Doctors here were having a hard time diagnosing me. I myself, was either too lazy or just too ignorant to do the research. There was just so much information online, in books and in person that I just became overwhelmed. My mind couldn’t t process it all.  Besides, a lot of information can be wrong information and I just did not know how to sift through it all.  After about 18 years had passed and I decided to try for my second child, I had difficulty. I met upon several obstacles, which may or may not have been contributing factors. I also had a stressful job which required me to stand on my feet for most of the day.

I decided a change was warranted. So, I threw out all my cleaning products and started using natural products (with the exception of bleach, which I only keep for emergencies). I also threw out all plastic and replaced my lunch pans with glass, steel and BPA free plastic. I started buying natural cleaning products (which can be a little pricier than the regular kind–I now buy them when it’s cheaper). I was not a fan of the price at the time and prices have become much more reasonable. But I was willing to try natural things to cut down on my chemical exposure. Doctors did all the fancy testing and sent me to many, many specialists but none was able to figure out why I wasn’t able to have a second baby. I am pleased to say after decreasing my workload and using natural products to clean, I conceived and my very rambunctious second child is here today. I did not see any fancy doctors during my pregnancy but had an excellent OB/GYN who worked within my cultural norms and beliefs during my pregnancy. My baby is healthy as a horse as far as we know. I am eternally grateful.

Now, I’m not saying the natural products are the reason for this success or blessing.  I’m sure relaxation and guidance from medical professionals helped. I am not anti-doctor. I regularly see one for health maintenance and any needed follow ups. But it is my personal belief that if I did not cut down on the amount of toxins I was exposing my body to, my beautiful baby would not be here today. Now I’m definitely an advocate for a more natural lifestyle and I’ve been using natural cleaning methods ever since.

Before that I would simply buy them if they smelled nice or were on sale. Now I’m older and wiser and I won’t compromise on my health or my peace of mind. I don’t go around preaching natural living for fear the natural living police will get me if I miss a day, lol. I do however encourage people to look at the research. Do your OWN research. I don’t mean some quack on the internet that said, I took something and it cured me. I don’t believe any of that. I’m a bit of a skeptic. I guess that’s why it took me so long to embrace a more natural lifestyle. With growth and experience and constant research, I have slowly been embracing a less toxic lifestyle. One can almost say that I am embracing the naturalistic/holistic lifestyle kicking and screaming.  I am by no means a naturalista but a more natural lifestyle just works for me, so that’s what I’m doing. I am keeping it simple and keeping on 🙂

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