YOU are amazing! Did YOU stop today to think about just how amazing YOU are? Did YOU give YOUrself credit for surviving so far? Did YOU thank YOUrself for being present, regardless of YOUr hurts? Regardless of YOUr fears? Did YOU love on YOUrself today? Know that today is a new day. The sun set today. YOU’re breathing here today. YOU are alive today. YOU don’t know what tomorrow brings, but today, today YOU’re alive and YOU’re amazing and YOU’re indestructible and YOU’re a fighter. YOU’re going to keep on smiling because YOU know that no matter what life throws YOUr way, YOU have within YOU the tools to make it. YOU made it this far didn’t YOU? YOU can make it even further. YOU can make it even further because YOU are indestructible. YOUr possibilities are limitless. YOU can’t go back to tomorrow. So why not be good to YOUr amazing self today? Don’t YOU know no one’s gonna love YOU quite like YOU? Don’t YOU know that YOU deserve love? Can’t YOU see just how special YOU are? Can’t YOU see that YOU are part of this wonderful universe and that this universe is a part of YOU? That alone that makes YOU special. Simply being YOUrself makes YOU special. We are no two alike and that is what makes us so amazing. That is what makes YOU so amazing. Go forth into today. Bask in the sunshine, the rain or the snow and just revel in YOUr absolute amazingness.

Some people may try to rain on YOUr parade today and that’s fine. Rain is beautiful. Without rain we would have no food. Without rain, the earth couldn’t grow. Don’t let things get YOU down. Be like the earth and grow from it. Do YOU see that YOU are capable of growing from everything? Even people trying to rain on YOUr day, is a way for YOU to grow and be even more amazing than YOU already are. YOU thought YOU coudn’t get any more amazing but YOU are wrong. Another word for amazing is to astound. So, YOU’re astounding. YOU’re so astounding that most people simply cannot believe that YOU’re real. The reason that is, is because YOU’re not like them and that’s OK. It’s OK to be YOUrself. It’s fantastic that there is only one YOU.  So, keep on being as amazing as YOU are because it doesn’t make YOU a narcissist. It doesn’t make YOU crazy. It simply means that YOU are aware of YOUr worth even if others are unaware of it. Someone doesn’t have to know the worth of a diamond for it to be valuable. I’ve read stories and heard stories of people finding old cubic zirconium jewelry, only to find out later that they were real diamonds. So no one has to validate YOU for YOU to be amazing. Whether someone validates YOU or not, will not stop YOU. It will not change the fact that YOU are precious. These are the rumblings of my mind. I hope YOU smile and have an amazing day.


2 thoughts on “YOU ARE AMAZING”

  1. I really did needed this!

    Totally need to appreciate myself and all my own achievements, no matter how small they seem at the time.

    Thank you! <3 ?

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